Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Am I that old?

Today, we had a funeral at our church. The church was packed. I sat in the sound room with two friends, one who is 28 and the other a college student, 19. The funeral director kept coming back and forth to see what part of the service was going on. During one of the songs, he asked me if my two friends were my daughters. I choked. Oh, how I couldn't believe he was serious. I was like no way these aren't my daughters. Julie, my 28 yr. old friend, spoke up and said that she is the younger sister. Then in the most ridiculous voice I could I said that Jessi the college student was my daughter then. He totally bought it and thought we were serious. He went on and on about the resemblance. I made some joke about it being my gray hair. The funeral director told me that it was being married to a pastor. It was so hilarious, but seriously, I am only 31. Do I really look soooo old that I could have a 28 year old kid. Of course, I think it is an insult to my friend's maturity stating she didn't look her age, right? At least that is what I am going to believe.


Ellen said...

Too funny, friend... :) No, you DON'T look that old!

Renee said...

Aw! That is sooo wrong!! He must have been visually handicapped. :)

Twinmama said...

Men are not great judges of age! And if you looked that old, how do you think we all feel...we are right there with you!
congrats by the way on the pastorate! are you adjusting ok? Praying for you guys!