Wednesday, February 29, 2012

YMCA Indoor Triathlon

Saturday, I became 22.  Number 22 that is as I competed in my first triathlon.  Thankfully it339509_10150703535602125_570172124_11160604_465223029_o[1] was only an indoor one.  I am using it as a stepping stone in my training for the outdoor one I will be a part of in April.  It was so much fun in a painful sort of way! 
It was really neat to go through all the nerves and frustrations of not performing at certain things as well as I knew I could.  The nice thing about a triathlon is that if you tank in one area, you can make it up in another area.  As I was halfway through the biking part, Sarah decided to come stand in front of my bike and cheer me on.  She was so cute as she told me I was yucky cause I was so sweaty.  Then she was thankful that I was not as sweaty as the man beside me.  The lady in charge of keeping the time kept saying, “Tell Momma to keep it up!”  I thought that I must be tanking the bike part too! I asked Dan if I looked slow when I was done.  The run part was great too.  Sarah gave me a high five every pass, and she gave several others high fives too.  She asked me after it was over if it was ok that she encouraged others!!! I love her spunk.
I was anxious to get my results.  I knew that I didn’t do so well on my swim, but I really wanted to see how I compared to being half way through my training.  I was so pleased to find out  I was right on track!  I am looking forward to doing this tri again in March.  I hope to totally crush my results at the next one!

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